CorroCare is an innovative service dedicated to companies intended to optimize the painting and anti-corrosion processes and offer training courses in the field of painting techniques. Our goal is to ensure comprehensive support for the companies, which are looking for professional and effective solutions within the scope of corrosion protection.

Optimization of painting and substrate preparation process

Our service focuses on the analysis and improvement of the painting and substrate preparation processes. We help in the selection of suitable materials and techniques, what translates into more efficient work and better quality of finishing.

Adaptation of the anti-corrosion processes to the customer’s requirements

CorroCare ensures an individual approach to each customer and analysis of the needs and selection of the best anti-corrosion processes that meet the requirements and ensure long-term protection.

Improving painting procedures and preparation of the painting procedures for the projects

We offer support in the preparation of the painting procedures for specific projects what allows us to achieve the best effects and avoid mistakes during implementation.

Online training package within the scope of the painting technologies and individual training at the customer’s site

CorroCare offers a wide variety of training courses both online and individual performed directly at the customer’s site. Our training courses are adapted to the various levels of advancement and focus on the practical aspects of painting technologies.

Choice of innovative technologies in the industry

We strive for continuous development and seek for the newest technologies and solutions that may be used in the painting and corrosion protection industry. We cooperate with the leading manufacturers to offer innovative and efficient solutions.

Supervisions by certified inspectors

CorroCare ensures professional supervision of the painting and corrosion protection works performed by certified inspectors. It ensures the highest level of quality and compliance with the applicable standards.