Expert reports and tests

We provide comprehensive testing and analysis services related to corrosion protection. 

Accelerated ageing tests of coatings and workpieces

We carry out tests in the salt spray test chambers, temperature humidity chambers and cyclic corrosion test chambers to assess the resistance of coatings and workpieces in various environmental conditions. The tests are performed on the reference samples and workpieces to ensure that the quotation is individual depending on the category of the corrosive environment and the number of workpieces.

Quality tests of anti-corrosion protection

We perform the measurements of the dry film thickness, assessment of gloss level, adhesion and tightness tests for the coatings, colour evaluation using the spectrophotometer and assessment of coating hardness in compliance with the international standards ISO.

Metallurgical polished sections

We offer accurate testing of the metal structure that allows performing the precise assessment of their mechanical and corrosion properties.

Potentiodynamic and impedance tests

We perform advanced electrochemical tests, which allow us to assess the effectiveness of the corrosion protection and their durability.

Expert’s opinions of the condition of the corrosion protection for the existing structures

Our goal is to perform a precise assessment of the condition of the corrosion or intumescent protection, check the compliance with the design and evaluate the functionality of the coatings. We prepare also the process recommendations and guidelines for repairs and renewal of the coatings.