Norsok certificate – why do you need it?

The industrial painter should be trained by the inspector holding the suitable authorizations, also to issue the Norsok and/or Epoxy certificates, in compliance with the Norsok M-501 standard and the requirements of the Norwegian employers.

What is the purpose of the Norsok M-501 theoretical course?

The aim of the course is to gain the knowledge in the field of:

  • The basics of the anti-corrosion processes and methods of protection
  • surface preparation
  • paint application
    quality control

People meeting the requirements complete the course with the Norsok M-501 and EPOXY certificate (the exam is not required).

Our Norsok M-501 theoretical training for industrial painters – why it is worth participating?

Participants completing our training courses will get the relevant certificate or certificates confirming the gained skills and knowledge.

Additionally, during the course, we discuss topics related to work standards in Norway. We discuss also the current situation in the labour market in 2023.

The certificates are issued by the FROSIO lvl III inspectors who have many years of experience in supervision of the offshore type projects. The inspectors are authorized to issue the Norsok M-501 certificate.

Training programme

Norsok M-501 + EPOXY – one-day theoretical training, intended for industrial painters, working on offshore projects in, among others, Norway.

Norsok M-501 course within the scope of:

  • Introduction to the Standard
  • Procedures and requirements of the Standard
  • The role of inspector, tasks, equipment
  • Surface preparation before the blast cleaning
  • Cleaning and preparation of the surface before application of the paint
  • Surface preparation – assessment
  • Control of climatic conditions
  • preparation for application of the two-component paints (mixing and diluting)
  • Overview of the various application methods of paint
  • Parameters of airless spraying
  • Preparation for coatings quality evaluation

Epoxy course within the scope of:

  • Chemically curing (“EPOXY”) paints
  • Discussion of the harmful effects of the chemical agents
  • Allergies and changes on the skin
  • Epoxy, polyurethane, epoxy-phenolic paints, isocyanates and thinners
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Two-component paints – rules for the use
  • Personal protective equipment

Methodology of the training course

The theoretical part of the training is in the form of a lecture and the training ends with the issuance of the NORSOK M-501 and EPOXY diploma.

Training location

Our theoretical trainings are in the form of on-line meeting.

Note: Participants of our courses save! You do not have to bear the costs of travel or accommodation to gain the knowledge!

Duration of the Norsok M-501 theoretical course

The course lasts for 8 lesson hours

Dates of the upcoming training courses

We invite you to submit your application to the upcoming training courses that will be organized on:

  • 07.06.2024
  • 21.06.2024
  • 05.07.2024

Training price

The training course cost 1799 PLN in 2024.


Sign up for the training by filling out the following application form:

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