FROSIO/NACE inspections

We provide professional services within the scope of control of the industrial painting process. Our qualified team of FROSIO/NACE inspectors supervise the surface preparation and perform the inspection at every stage of application of the painting system. The inspection ends with a detailed report prepared in accordance with the previously defined guidelines.

Coating Operator Qualification Test (COQT)

We perform the coating operator qualification tests. This is the exam to check the theoretical and practical knowledge within the scope of the application of coatings and quality control of the executed works (self-control). The candidates demonstrate also the knowledge and application of suitable standards and safety regulations.
Obtaining satisfactory results from the qualification tests for the coating operators is often required in the industry and confirms the qualifications declared by the candidates. The exams, both theoretical and practical, are supervised by Polish and Norwegian FROSIO/NACE inspectors. COQT is a key to a career for industrial painters who want to work in Norway.


We offer training courses for people who want to improve their competencies and increase their competitiveness in the labour market. Our offer includes such courses as: Norsok M-501 + EPOXY, Painter-Sandblaster and Ethyl Zinc Silicates. Our training courses, adapted to the individual needs of the participants, ensure gaining practical skills and knowledge required for career development, which contributes to professional development.

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